Making a Fractal Movie: MWAVES.FLC

(Mandelbrot waves wash over an image)

This is a 100-frame FLC animation of a segment of the Mandelbrot set. Using a technique I explain elsewhere, I smoothly vary a bitmapped perturbation of the m-set to generate the appearance of fractal waves washing over an image.

Viewing the Movie

If you don't have a FLC player (eg, xflick or Xanim for X-windows), you can download one for PC, Mac, or Unix from here. Personally, I use DISPLAY v1.87 (available from OAK, get, & on a PC to generate and view FLCs.

Ok: to view the movie, save it to disk, use gunzip to uncompress it (your web browser may do this automatically), then try your FLC viewer. Modem users please note: this movie is 2.3 megabytes compressed.

mwaves.flc.gz 100-frame fractal animation (2357k)

If you would like to view other fractal animations there is a large Fractal Movie Archive in France which has 100 of them, in various formats (FLC, JPEG, Quicktime etc).

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