Useful Reference Material

Archives and Indexes...

  1. Yahoo WWW Index
  2. Gutenberg Master Index
  3. E-print Physics Papers Archive
  4. Stanford University
  5. Oakland MSDOS archives
  6. Unix archives
  7. W6YX Stanford Amateur Radio Club
  8. Amateur Radio FTP sites
  9. The Gnu Info Tree
  10. The GNU C Library - Table of Contents

Ray-Tracing Resources

  1. Andreas Dilger POV-Ray page; raytracing FAQ
  2. FAQ
  3. The Ray Tracing Home Page
  4. Textures Procedural Textures Course Page
  5. POV-Ray archives
  6. Mesh Mart catalog of 3D mesh objects
  7. Avalon 3D mesh object archive
  8. Zsolt's Research fog, dust effects in (modified) POV-Ray 2.2

Fractals & Imitation Natural Forms

  1. Spanky fractal database LOTS of fractals, code etc.
  2. Clouds Fractal-generated cloud examples (ppmforge)
  3. Clifford A. Pickover's Home Page Fractal forms
  4. Ken Musgrave's Home Page Beautiful landscape renderings
  5. Soft Landscapes

Digital Elevation Model format information, datasets, and mapping

  1. USGS data index Manual of Federal Geographic Data Products
  2. DEM index USGS 1-degree DEMs online, indexed by state.
  3. DEM via FTP USGS FTP site for 1-deg DEMs (each 10 meg uncompressed)
  4. DEM samples and code many smaller DEMs than the USGS site
  5. DEM Format Information from USGS
  6. esic mapping data info from USGS
  7. GRASS Scientific landscape analysis; impressive images/ mpeg movies
  8. GMT The Generic Mapping Tools

Graphics Reference Material

  1. png file format directory
  2. PNG (Portable Network Graphics) Home Page
  3. graphics.formats directory
  4. graphics FAQ directory
  5. Stanford FTP site

Linux resources

  1. Linux page at Sunsite
  2. Free Scientific Software for Linux
  3. Linux Applications Commercial and Freeware
  4. Linux Software Map (Finland)
  5. Linux Software Map (US)
  6. Mirrors of sunsite's Linux archive
  7. ImageMagick Homepage: online documentation, archive
  8. ImageMagick2 FTP site: display/convert many formats
  9. Lars Wirzenius' Home Page lnetg

Mathematical Tools: matrix manipulation

  1. Octave -- a high-level language for numerical computations
  2. Octave help list
  3. Octave bug list
  4. JPL Archive tools for Matlab, plus Scilab, RLaB, others
  5. Joergs useful & ugly Homepage

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