Synthesized Landscapes

astplant.jpg My entry in the Aug '95 ('Alien Worlds') Internet Raytrace contest (1st place).

Below are some raytraced fractal landscapes I made using POV-Ray plus my own fBm landscape generator Gforge. Note: if you use Gforge yourself, you may find this selector guide useful. Here is a screen shot of Xforge (comes with Gforge source code for Unix).

[GFORGE DIR]HF-Lab, Gforge and other tools.

The land/moon images above are straight from the gforge generator. The images below have had rivers added to them by a companion program (not yet finished). The last image also shows simulated fluvial erosion (river valleys). Eroded1 Sharp-edged mountains
Eroded2 Rolling foothills
hface Erosion of an oddly-shaped hill
Face3Another face-mountain
Erosion_map An interesting pattern showing erosion rate on a mountainous surface.
Real Renderings of actual places
Images unsorted collection of images/surfaces/textures.
Another gforge/HF-Lab image page.

Raytraced Animations

hill-erode.mpg Animation of an eroding hillside (30 frames, 564 kb)

misc mpegs miscellaneous mpegs of the same sort
Graphics hotlist Fractal-related, rendering, and misc. resources

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