Digital Camera Comparison: Fuji F700 vs Canon D60
John Beale and George Chen,  8-7-2003

Canon D60 (detail)
Canon D60 ISO 200 crop (2x)

Fuji F700 (detail)
Fuji F700 ISO 200 crop (2x)

Canon EOS D60
Fuji FinePix F700
ISO 200,   2048x1360 (medium/fine jpg)
1/8 sec at f/3.6
focal length 28.0 mm  (28-135 IS)
exposure bias 0.0
crop, unsharp mask
rescale 200% nearest-neighbor
ISO 200,  2048x1536 (jpg)
1/11 sec at f/3.4
Focal length 11.2 mm
exposure bias 0.0
crop, no sharpening
rescale 200% nearest-neighbor

In this crop from a comparison shot between the Canon EOS D60 (digital SLR) and Fuji FinePix F700 (pocket camera), the D60 zoom lens was set a little bit wider. I have cropped out a matching section of the full 3-Mpixel image from each camera, so that the F700 is using more pixels to show the same area. Despite this, I believe the D60 displays more "true" image resolution, and fewer artifacts: examine the texture detail of the woven cloth mat, and the glass flower vase.  I did some USM to sharpen up the D60 imageto better match the F700 frame, since the D60 image is always soft direct from the camera.  Both images were scaled up 200% in Photoshop using nearest-neighbor scaling, to make the image details easier to see on the screen.

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