Red One 4k Digital Cinema Camera 

These video clips show camera testing by various Red One camera owners, as listed.
This page has selected Red footage from shots first announced on the Red User forum.
I also have a page of tests from my own Red test shoot in January 2008.

Test clip by Haakon
Häakon's 1k, 2k test Dec.5 2007 direct to FCP without grading
2k jpg  4k png  Zeiss 85mm std, Red 18-50; more on RedUser             Haakon-2k-clip  (email meif you need it)
0:36 H.264 at 1024x512p24  76 MB         0:20 H.264 at 2048x1024p24  241 MB

Red Night Shoot - CJ Roy
1k video Oct. 21 2007 from CJ Roy & DP Anthony Kwan
25-250 Angenieux Night Test as described on RedUser
01:36 H.264 at 1000x500p24  92 MB

Red-Leaves with color correction
2k video Oct. 9 2007 from Shawn Nelson.
fall leaves in Oregon  as described on RedUser

2k ungraded file: Leaves_H264.mp4
32 seconds H.264 at 2048x1024p24 57 MB

1k graded versions ( what I did ):

1/4 size preview of 2k video Oct. 4 2007 from Rocket Rentals New Zealand
examples of nature scenes and cityscape from New Zealand
as described on RedUser  file mirror:

720p file:
61 seconds H.264 at 720p25  71 MB
2k file:
61 seconds H.264 at 2048x1024p25  139 MB

1/4 size preview of 2k video Sept. 26 2007 from Kenneth Corben
first underwater test with Red One and prototype housing
as described on RedUser  file mirror:
30 seconds H.264 at 1080p24  73 MB

Footage mirrors:, Freehill Productions,
Haakon's 1k test clip Dec.5 2007
Footage from Offhollywood, NYC:
Footage in NYC at night:
Unpacking a Red camera:
Dark night example: night.tiff see also Reduser post
Test frame Tiffs from D. Gregor Hagey
Kite Skier in Saskatchewan at -15C from Hubickc
Quick pan, 2k rec mode, dark (ISO 4000) H.264 @720p from J.Beale
Red Camera Menus from Manuel Wenger

Native R3D files  Need RedAlert or RedCine to open.
RedCine is GPU based, needs Nvidia or ATI card to run
Test Chart R3D files from John Beale
Drag Racing R3D files are online at Red Relay
Warehouse R3D R3D + Quicktime wrappers from MrGlory
Other R3D files in 2k & 4k from D.G. Hagey
Red Tests from effects house The Chimney Pot

Official Red website:
Redcine download:
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Wikipedia: RED_Digital_Camera_Company
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Open Source Media: Project Red
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