Z2 linux kernel boot screen

Zipit Z2  

...doing new things
with the Zipit Z2 
Z2 main board detail

Zipit Z2 mainboard PCB top scan: z2main.jpg
    PCB size: 74.54 x 91.34 mm,  1.26 to 1.31 mm thick

Z2 mainboard with most components removed z2main2.jpg
(scan taken through mineral oil, to reduce visibility of surface debris)

Z2 mainboard PCB bottom scan  z2bottom.jpg
bottom scan with some parts removed  z2bottom2.jpg

Z2 inside keyboard case scan case.jpg
    Note the three pockets which hold three front-edge indicator LEDs on the main board.

Board scans at 800 dpi.  Dimensions measured with Mitutoyo CD-S6"CT calipers, calibrated 11/15/2010

(note:  please confirm pin assignments for yourself, before relying on this data)
Expansion Connector Pinout: z2_pinout_2011.txt
Expansion connector pin numbers: z2pins.jpg
Drawing of headphone/mic jack: Singatron 2SJ-3545-T01
Wired remote schematic from Russel Davis: headphone-mic.png

Register dumps from Russell Davis' z2regs utility:
CPU Registers, stock app, AC power:  Z2-stock-regs-ACpower.txt
CPU Registers, stock app, battery power:  Z2-stock-regs-battery.txt

I2C bus measurements: z2siz-i2c-measure.png
i2c bus timing on z2sid: z2sid-i2c-test.csv

PXA27x data sheet  131 page pdf
PXA27x design guide  276 page pdf
PXA27x developer's manual  1280 page pdf

Hardware Details:

The battery charge controller chip, U1015 next to the 3-pin battery connector is TI bq24035 "Dual Input Li-Ion Charger with Dynamic Power Path" which can charge the internal 4.2V Li-Ion battery either through external +5V in connector, or 5V USB power applied to docking station connector pin 12.  The middle wire on the battery connector is a temperature sensor (thermistor to ground), used to cutoff charge in case of battery overheating. See fig.2 on p.11 of the bq24035 data sheet. I think this information should be at the z2 chip list page, but it is not.

The 14-pin chip marked AER915 just below the expansion port is a 80C51-type microcontroller, similar to Philips P89LPC915. It has an 8-bit A/D which is used to determine which of six buttons are pressed on the resistor-network wired remote.  It communicates with the main cpu via I2C.

Caution:  even "identical" SD cards may not be the same. Some will boot in the Z2, and some will not.  See for example these two Kingston 2GB microSD cards, both purchased from Amazon.

Z2 headphone audio measurements page

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Another, more useful zipit page: z2nix.net
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