High Resolution Test Patterns
for testing imaging systems

The first two (ISO 12233 chart, wedges) can be evaluated by eye.
The other patterns are mostly for computer measurement & analysis.
The wedges, squares, zones and stars were generated by Imatest
and that program can also analyze many of these charts.

ISO 12233 Chart (pdf)
Old EIA-1956 (pdf)
Concentric Rings (pdf)
Set: 27 Rings (pdf) (ps)

wedges (pdf)
(png)   (svg)
Printer Test (pdf)

sqr-5x3 (pdf)  (svg)
hex-9x5 (pdf)  (svg)

ZoneSineLow  ZoneHardLow
ZoneSineHigh  ZoneHardHigh

Star Chart Sine (png)
Star Chart Bars (png)
Star Chart full (png)

Linear Zones (png)
through-focus zone chart clip from FX1 camera:  FX1-thru-focus.mp4

Smooth Gradient Test  2k still & video
16-bit PNG or TIFF  8-bit PNG  1k.mp4 2k.mp4 (H.264)
 Video has fade-to-black and fade-to-white
to test your display for banding problems.
H.264 video clips created with Vegas 8a. veg
2048x1024 gradient, full range (16-bit PNG)
Free image converter: ImageMagick  (be sure to get the 16-bit version)

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