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Fractals, of course, are those amazingly intricate computer images you see nearly everywhere these days. Equally or more fun than looking at them, however, is generating your very own. If you have a PC computer running MS-DOS or Windows, or a workstation with X-Windows, you are in luck because you can run Fractint , which is a really wonderful fractal generator, and places high I think among the most amazing and fascinating programs of all time. It's incredibly powerful, and offers endless fractal types and options and customizations; you could spend years with this program and not even explore all the menu options... ok, you get the idea. Curiously enough it is also free.

Here are some images I made using Fractint (and in some cases, a raytracer):

mwaves.mpg fractal animation of perturbed Mandelbrot set (loop, 2.4 meg).

Landscapes Fractal-generated and synthetically eroded landscapes
You can obtain the Fractint software from the Fractint Home Page or from any self-respecting software archive on the net, for instance the Oakland MSDOS archives for the DOS version. A very useful collection of information is available in the Fractal FAQ at MIT. A treasure trove of all kinds of fractal info and images is the Spanky archive in Canada.
Personally I have been thinking about ways to generate fractals with some degree of direct control over their geometry. The photo at the top of this page is an example of my experimental "fractalizing" process operating on a portrait of myself. It's actually a still from a 100 frame fractal movie I made. I wrote a brief explanation of the underlying idea. If I ever get the program to do what I want, or clean it up a bit, I might make the code available.
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