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Programs available in this directory      Aug. 31, 1996
ast_gen        special-purpose util to position random asteriods for POV
dem2pov        convert USGS DEM (topo-map) files to POV (TGA) heightfield
er1u           erode a given topo-map in MAT format (Alpha, has bugs)
fcolor         colorize experimental Fractint format for truecolor fractals
fft-n          general-purpose N-dimensional Fast-Fourier Transform routine
gforge         generate a heightfield using FFT algorithm (command-line)
hf-lab         generate & manipulate heightfields (text, graphic preview)
hutil          individual heightfield utilities (get hf-lab, it's better)
hslcom         combine three files (Hue, Sat, Lum) into one color TGA
orb-cyl        make spherical or cylindrical triangle-meshes in RAW or POV
raw2pov        convert raw triangle data to POV triangles (opt. "smooth")
sparkl01       add "sparkle" glint-type effects to a TGA image
xskel          programmer's aid, a very basic X-Windows graphics program       32-bit DOS extender needed for some DJGPP programs to run
NOTE: the .tar.gz files contain source code ONLY, for those on Unix systems
to compile themselves, for instance hf-lab-0.90.tar.gz.

If you're running DOS, or Windows(3.1, 95) you want the .zip file which has
a DOS executable, for instance

PS. HF-Lab was designed for DOS, and it sometimes has problems under
Windows with the graphic preview (it works if you reboot to pure DOS

ast_gen.tar.gz size 4607 00INDEX.TXT size 1642 README size 1642 dem2pgm.tar.gz size 9775 size 20032 fft-n.tar.gz size 24898 size 367391 doc-all.txt size 42690 er1u.tar.gz size 48257 er1u.txt size 1825 size 46357 size 37816 images/ size 123467 gforge.txt size 13310 moon.pi size 706 pov/ OS2/ go32.txt size 1754 gforge-1.3a.tar.gz size 246583 gforge-latest.txt size 2840 size 147059 size 45779 xgrid/ HF-Lab.txt size 15117 hf-lab-0.90.tar.gz size 350673 hflab-cmd.txt size 28059 fft-n.note size 776 size 234123 hslcom.txt size 1646 size 29477 hutil.txt size 8207 hutil01e.tar.gz size 64075 size 397764 orb-cyl.tar.gz size 45021 kirk-hf.txt size 3633 land.txt size 2356 land2.pov size 1015 raw2pov.tar.gz size 24639 orb-cyl.txt size 769 size 166013 sparkl01.tar.gz size 99958 sparkl.txt size 1977 tile_problem.txt size 1905 size 211014 matlab-format.txt size 3602 xforge02.tcl size 10515 orb-problem.txt size 1463 xskel.tar.gz size 6156 hf-lab-latest.txt size 1510 hf-lab-0.89.tar.gz size 349582